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Here you'll find the assignment from Miss McMahon and her sample powerpoint presentation. No worries if you misplace it, you can always track it back to this site!

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12 Olympians

Choose one of the following:

Aphrodite        Apollo         Ares            Artemis

Athena           Demeter      Dionysus        Hephaestus

Hera             Hermes        Poseidon        Zeus

Encyclopedias--Great for Basics and Background information

You're in high school, so your research should really consist of more than looking something up in an encyclopedia. Even so, when you know nothing about a topic, encyclopedias are great places to start your search for information.

The district pays for subscriptions to World Book Online and Encyclopedia Britannica. Start there if you're not sure where to start.WBonline image


Of course, you can use wikipedia as well. BUT since anyone can edit the content on Wikipedia, I encourage you to use information from the links in the REFERENCES section of an article, rather than the article itself.references_venus

Sites recommeded by your classmates

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